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  • Providing expertise in Market Analysis, Manufacturing, Competitive analysis, Business Development, and Technology/Cost assessment to memory companies, Storage OEMs, ODMs, datacenter companies and customers, and Investment Analysts.
  • 25+ years in experience with some of the largest technology companies in the world as well as start-up projects gives you examples and experience to draw from with minimal cost.
  • SOC/IOT Wafer costs at IDM and Foundries
  • NAND memory cost today and in 3-5 years for all companies and all technologies
  • 3D XPoint/Optane/Quantx, MRAM, and ReRAM, FeRAM costs and products today, in 3 years and in 5 years
  • HDD costs today and in the future
  • Realistic Market projections for all storage products
  • MRAM and ReRam technology and cost analysis 

Supply Chain Disruptions to memory and Storage.

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We are publishing weekly news updates to clients and our proprietary Memory cost model is published monthly. call Mark for more information

Memory Pricing Fundamentals

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