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NAND/SSD Markets

  • Planar NAND Cost components and cost trends
    • Yields, Wafer cost, Assembly/packaging costs, Test costs
  • 3D NAND technology, cost components, and predictions
    • Yields for all technologies
    • Wafer cost today and in future
    • Cost impact of additional layers and implications
    • Assembly/packaging costs
    • Test costs
    • Comparison of all major vendors
  • NAND Pricing by target market and quality levels and manufacturing differences
  • 3DXP Cost today and each year in future. Intel 3D XPoint Revenue each year DIMMS and SSDs OPTANE
  • RRAM Costs today and each year in future 
  • SSD Cost analysis
    • Cost models for client and enterprise SSDs    
    • NAND vs other BOM components and testing
  • SSD market analysis: interface predictions (SAS, SATA, PCIe) and Form Factor 
  • SSD market analysis: HDD replacement, Cache, density, performance
  • SSD Market analysis: SWOT analysis of top SSD OEMS, Market share, and future market leaders

Memory Markets Reports

DRAM and NAND Memory Pricing Myths and Reality
157.6 KB

China memory Report
87.2 KB

Emerging Memory Report
179.6 KB

Memory Product Lifecycle

Where is Each Memory in Development and Time to Market?
278.9 KB

NAND Costs today and in 2030
124.2 KB

Presentations from Flash Memory Summit 2020

3D Xpoint Costs, Bits, and Revenue Forecast  

Presentations from Flash Memory Summit 2019

MRAM Markets and Projections
MRAM Panel 2019 MRAM developer day REV FINAL.pdf
164.1 KB

Persistent Memory Applications and Revenue Projections
FMS 2019 Persistent Memory Presentation-SESSION REV FINAL.pdf
166.7 KB

Annual Update on Emerging Memories
FMS 2019 emerging memory rev FINAL.pdf
0.6 MB

3D Xpoint Applications, Technology, Output and Revenue
FMS 2019 Powerpoint XPOINT - Rev FINAL.pdf
186.9 KB

2018/2019 Presentations

Optane DIMM Performance and Cost in Applications
200.0 KB

Memory Cycling Performance: Why it is not as simple as you might think
173.8 KB

NVMe SSD Market Growth Through 2025. It will dominate capacity
Trends and Forecast for NVMe- NVMe DD FINAL FORMAT.pdf
217.9 KB

NAND (and other Memory) Cost Model. Chips from every company with details cost analysis

NAND Cost Model PRESENTATION sept 2018.pdf
379.3 KB

PRESENTATIONS FROM Flash Memory Summit FMS 2018

3D XPoint, Optane Persistent Memory, Emerging Memory, MRAM, NVDIMMs, ReRAM

FMS 2018 Powerpoint XPOINT - MARKS REV FINAL.pdf
280.2 KB

FMS 2018 emerging memory rev FINAL.pdf
0.6 MB

PMEM FMS 2018 Persistent Memory Presentation-SESSION REV FINAL.pdf
0.5 MB

FMS 2018 Persistent Memory Presentation-class REV FINAL.pdf
0.7 MB

MRAM Developer Day 2018 MRAM Markets-WEBB Rev FINAL.pdf
231.0 KB


3D Xpoint ReRAM 3D NAND

RRAM Status and Forecast FMS 2017 REV 2.pdf
255.6 KB

life after flash FMS 2017 REV 2.pdf
185.1 KB

3D NAND Status and Roadmap 2017 FMS REV 3.pdf
233.4 KB

3D Xpoint Status FMS 2017 REV 3.pdf
217.1 KB


NAND Market overview and Predictions
1.1 MB

3D Xpoint Technology and Predictions
191.0 KB

RRAM Technology and Predictions
239.5 KB


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