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SSD Manufacturing

SSDs are one of the fastest growing markets in technology.

Being successful requires
  • A solid portfolio of excellent products
  • Industry Leading Quality
  • Industry Leading Cost
  • Ability to ramp quickly and deal with demand changes


We provide ODM/EMS services and/or analysis of your manufacturing to see how to meet your SSD requirements


  • 10s of MILLIONS of SSDs shipped over the course of 9 years
  • Manufacturer of the lowest cost SSDs and the highest performance and highest reliability SSDs
  • Industry leading testing of SSDs for Enterprises and Client on multiple test platforms
  • Volume experience with SATA, SAS, PCIe, NVMe 
  • Volume experience with 2.5", M.2, HHHL AIC, BGA SSD.
  • Experience with multiple leading edge controllers
  • Experience designing and development SSDs for Major OEMs

Questions we can answer today:

How much should the BOM cost be for an SSD? How much does the NAND cost
How do people test SSDs for enterprise and client applications
how much is the Labor to build an SSD?
should I make my SSD internally or outsource it.


We can provide costs, comparison of ODM/EMS companies, best methods for manufacturing and development based on years of experience with leading SSD OEMs in both client and enterprise.

We have ODM designs you can implement or work with you on custom designs

Save money on development, have high volume capability, benefit from years of experience, minimize risk

Call today to discuss how we can reduce cost and provide fastest development of multiple SSDs for you

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