MKW Ventures Consulting LLC

Technology Consulting and Business Development

MKW Ventures Consulting LLC

 25+ years in experience with some of the largest technology companies in the world and start-up projects as well gives you examples and experience to draw from with minimal cost. We have experiences with starting a company from concept to managing billion dollar manufacturing operations. Results based leadership and management techniques that can change your results immediately. We have connections at major companies around the world

Some specific areas where we can contribute include:
  • Competitive analysis of your company and industry, SWOT analysis
  • Strategic Planning and Product Lifecycle Management
  • Providing focused analysis for major Investment firms

  • NAND and DRAM costs and technology analysis
  • China semiconductor plans, technologies, and predictions. CXMT, YMTC
  • 3D Xpoint and Optane performance, endurance , cost, revenues. We have information Intel wont publish.
  • Persistent Memory uses, revenue, competitive positioning
  • MRAM technology, cost and market analysis

 Ask about our weekly reports and monthly cost model presentations

Ideal model is ongoing work for 6-12 months for small monthly fee. This is better than reports with no discussion or feedback and allows monthly or more often updates 

Free initial engagement (4-5 days of review and discussions)...than you decide how we can best help you.

MKW Ventures Consulting Overview:
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