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NAND/SSD Markets

  • Planar NAND Cost components and cost trends
    • Yields, Wafer cost, Assembly/packaging costs, Test costs
  • 3D NAND technology, cost components, and predictions
    • Yields for all technologies
    • Wafer cost today and in future
    • Cost impact of additional layers and implications
    • Assembly/packaging costs
    • Test costs
    • Comparison of all major vendors
  • NAND Pricing by target market and quality levels and manufacturing differences
  • 3DXP Cost today and each year in future. 3DXP Revenue each year
  • RRAM Costs today and each year in future
  • SSD Cost analysis
    • Cost models for client and enterprise SSDs    
    • NAND vs other BOM components and testing
  • SSD market analysis: interface predictions (SAS, SATA, PCIe) and Form Factor 
  • SSD market analysis: HDD replacement, Cache, density, performance
  • SSD Market analysis: SWOT analysis of top SSD OEMS, Market share, and future market leaders



NAND Market overview and Predictions
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3D Xpoint Technology and Predictions
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RRAM Technology and Predictions
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